Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Way Forward For Roblot

   A few Councillors of the Choiseul Village Council paid a visit to the Community of Roblot to have a meeting with the residents on matters that are affecting them. The meeting was poorly attend as the PR done for that meeting was poor or may be the majority of residents were just not interested since some of them thought that this was just a political charade. News reaching this blog suggests that meetings were also held in La Maze and Debreuil.
   According to a source the residents where just brainstorming the councillors with what they want – unblock culverts, renovate the court, the need for a centre etc.  The source made mention of the Council informing the gathering of the need for a representative body in the community. There is a representative body, but only on paper: a bunch of uncommitted and self-serving persons, who have no history of community upliftment.
   The representative body for this community is what I am pissed off with. Politics and Religion has made a mess of it. The Roblot Development Committee was first formed in the late 80’s when persons like Joyce Emmanuel and Marie Joseph where very instrumental in getting the library founded as well as the renovation of the Centre. Prior to  this committee, Roblot had a thriving youth organization called Y.A.M. which was headed by Anthony Herman (IE). Whatever became of this organization is well documented in the minds of the residents.
   In 1987 - 1988 R.Y.C  was founded and it offered benefits to  1. its members, 2. members’ immediate family, 3. outstanding students etc. Sporting and fund-raising activities were features in the group’s program. This group flourished until the late 1990’s when a struggle for leadership ensued between the Castries based and resident members.
   The Roblot Development Committee became politicised after the 1997 general elections when there was all the hype over the labour party’s win and their supports had the slogan “We in in charge”. During the period 1997 – 2006 little if any representation was given to Roblot by those “in charge.”        The Centre continued to denigrate during these years. Also during that period religion started making inroads into the lives the vulnerable residents . The propaganda of the religions shifted the focus of the more abled residents to Church matters and not community improvements. Roblot saw and continues to see a standstill in social activities. “Praise God and bring the money” is what occurs now.
   Whatever may have instigated the present defunct Development Committee to a revival state beats me, because not one single project have been undertaken by them. It also seems to me the CDO, hastily put this committeetogether to look good himself. The construct of this defunct committee to my mind was not in the best interest of the community and so it was destined to fail. Presently, I presume the president stands alone. Sad, but true.
What should be done? Call a meeting with the residents to dissolve the Committee and let the residents elect a new committee or let the people nominate an interim committee to help put things in place until an election of the Committee can be held. Personally this blog favours an interim committee to put things in place before an election. The construct of this committee should be 1. an educationist  2. a farmer, 3. a craft person  4. a sports person 5. a business person, 6. a police/fireman and 7. a youth leader. The Council’s representative will be a sit-in member at meetings.
 The Council if it is true to its word will be able to liaise with this representative body from the community to move forward or at least to fulfil the residents’ requests made during the recently held meeting.
This is the way and only way forward for the community if progress is to be seen.

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