Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Youth Need Answers From The Choiseul UWP Branch Executive

Darrion Andre Jr Louis
I can't seem to be able to get over that famous statement that was made by the Chairman of the Choiseul Uwp Constituency Branch sometime in July or August this year, if my memory serves me right. "New brooms sweep clean, but old brooms know all the corners." This was the quotation. I have tried to analyse this statement from all angles and can't come up with a conclusive answer to put it to rest once and for all. 

Silvanius Fontenard coins it, "Old Brooms tactically associated with criminals, deportees and other corrupt agents." Hmmm! Seriously? Well then I can probably see now why Darrion's name was not on the voting list at the branch meeting. The young man's name was taken up to Castries by a certain "old broom" who  it is alleged never submitted the name to be registered - Darrion could not vote nor could he be nominated on the branch. He has been demanding answers. Nobody is coming forward.

 Can you for one moment ponder over why Darrion's name was not registered as a member of the UWP? Food for thought! But that is for another show.

What was interesting at that election was the urgency with which the Bousquet puppets wanted to get on Bradley's Constituency Branch. A high ranking official of the Constituency branch revealed that these persons really believe that being on the executive that they will be in a position to get favours. Are you surprised?

A notable member puts it bluntly. "I wish these people were hearing the comments of Bradley's supporters - Unfortunately I am the one they are calling with their displeasure because of my role in the campaign - I still cannot understand why people who were so boldly opposed to Bradley would want to serve on the branch committee unless they have ulterior motives."

It is the ulterior motives which will be uncovered and foiled by Darrion - hence the all out effort to keep him out. At the last meeting I attended it was announced that the Executive would put the Youth officer matter to the assembly at future meetings. So far the it has had one meeting (according to my sources) and the matter was not even on the agenda. What's going on?

Darrion is the ideal candidate for the position of Youth officer. This energetic and vibrant young man was VERY instrumental in bringing the  youth home. His sleepless night, his frequent visits to home and his one-on-one rapport captivated the youngsters at the last elections. Where as there is speculation that Kina Nicholas is also eyeing the position,  I think Darrion is more qualified for that job.

Just before posting this article online I called Darrion to find out whether his registration has been resolved. There was no reply.

Let's rally together and demand that the executive make a statement on the position of Youth Officer. Time to make them wake up and smell the coffee. J

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