Monday, May 09, 2011

UWP Youth Club In The Making

It was an historic occasion. Over one hundred youths assembled at the Centre of Excellence in a 'get together' environment to chart the way forward towards their development.
The session was opened with prayers, after which ex- Labour Party youth leader, Mr. Bissette, welcomed the youngsters and had some very inspiring and motivationl phrases for the audience.
Mr. Bissette, invited a number of the youngsters to say a few words to their peers.
The young speakers mostly spoke about achievements they have seen in their community and the direction it should take.
La Pointe, Balca and La Maze speakers were very impressive and urged their peers to unite for development.
One could feel a sense of purpose emanating from speaker after speaker and the were continuous thunderous applauses.
Jimmy Haynes, in a forty-five minute address urged the youth to, 'Put yourselves forward to have a voice. Too long Choiseul's youth just stand back and let other persons make decisions.......sometimes not in your favour.'
Haynes, in his usual dynanism, had the audience all fired up and hungry for knowledge. 'Are you alive?' he belted over the Pa system. He repeated, 'Are you alive?' This time in a deafening tone. You did not have to be there to hear the response. 'yes' could be heard over three hundred metres away.
'You are the ones to initiate change...... the thinking ane the mind will create the must be part of the decision making process.........there must be a revolution among the youth in Choiseul/Saltibus.'
The youths were told of programs which will be initiated to develop them holistically.
The launching of the Youth Club has been tentatively set for May 29, 2011.
The meeting came to a close at about 8:45pm. Refreshments was then served.


Anonymous said...

who ever was the speaker for Balca, i need to ask a question What has Bousquet done for Balca? except for the unfinished foot path which will only benefit a few of his supporters

The Dan said...

What is it with you E- -? So ctiticise and cry over spilled milk. What a pity? For your level of education I expected better from you.
You are not interested in the life of the Balcarians. Had it been so, you would not have abandoned them rather to choose the 'high life' in the village. Instead you would have stayed to fight the Balca cause.
How myopic you are and continue to be, when you say it is only an unfinished footpath for a handful of supporters.
I will leave you in your partisan style of politics and not to enlighten you on projects undertaken in this community.
when you have nothing to say don't comment. Are you being paid for your silly and nonsensical comments?
I guess I have finally come up with the answer. You are definitely suffering from Rufusophobic.
I will send you the antidote soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

My god you are unbelievable, how dare u think that the comment was from this young lady, she deserves an apology, and as for enlightening on projects in the community sorry Dan there are none, and there will be none. As for your impressive speaker, i dont think he can convience not even his toes so poor u Mr Dan.

Anonymous said...

Omg!! Some people are just too much..choopz