Thursday, June 25, 2009

La Maze Residents Form Management Committee

One could sense the tension in the air as residents of the community of La Maze came together at the Resource Centre to elect a Management Committee.
Why the tension? At the meeting one could clearly see that the members of the Mothers and Fathers Group were on one side and the youth on the other of the centre. Rivalry has mounted over the years while the Mothers and Fathers Group managed the centre and according to a few young persons, theyhave been denied access to the centre for sometime now.
December last year, at a meeting, the old management committee was dissolved when it was found that there has never been an election for over eight years. According to Mr. Bousquet who was present at that meeting, together with the CDO declared that the management committee is unconstitutional.
Last night’s meeting, attended by Mr. Lucien Theodore, from the Ministry of Social Transformation, Youth and Sports, Mr. Mc. Arthur Phillip, Community Development Officer, and a representative for the District Representative, Mr. Dedan Jn. Baptiste aimed to have the residents elect a management committee.
After a brief history of the Centre by Mr. Lucien the task of electing that committee got underway.
The composition- three (3) persons from the M & F Group, two (2) persons from the Youth Group, one (1) person from Club 60 and one (1) person from the Farmers Group. The process went along smoothly until it was time for the nomination of members of the M & F Group. Nominations were not forthcoming. After quite a delay, Mr. Lucien proposed that the group be given a week’s time to nominate their members to the management committee. Barring this other persons will be nominated to the committee.
Person that were already elected to the Committee are Mr. Simon Monrose – President, Ms. Nelta Francis – Vice President, Mr. Hyacinth Joseph – Farmer Representative, and Ms. Sanita Monrose – Youth Representative.
Next week’s meeting will hopefully conclude this list.
Keep your fingers crossed.

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