Monday, November 14, 2016

"Water under the bridge.Let's consider it that." - Darrion tells "Old Brooms"

In a recent post on FB, most likely in response to our previous post entitled “The Youth needs answers from the Choiseul UWP Executive Branch”, Darrion AndreJr Louis penned.
Darrion at a youth meeting

"I'll just say this much and let it rest on the issue of the position of Youth Officer for the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency.

Going around Choiseul/Saltibus during the campaign and trying to motivate and mobilize a set of young people who experienced nothing but neglect for so many years was no easy task.

The youth of Choiseul don't want or need much just a fair opportunity. The talent and burning desire to succeed we have as a young people in the constituency is unmatched. ...
My dream is to work along with the "old brooms" and an amazing group of " new brooms" regardless of what has been said or done at the end of the day it is for the greater good. According to Rick Wayne " Water under the bridge." Let's consider it that.

Please be very careful what you say about our young people. KN G-Nicholas has done an amazing job for youth, no need to go into details on here. Leave her alone please and thanks.

So when as "Old brooms" you specifically target the young people and try to put division among the ranks . STOP! Because if you don't STOP we will revolt against this administration." *[The Executive of the Choiseul UWP Constituency Branch]

"As far as I am concerned the UWP administration is in office. Yes we voted them in but not for the current structure of executives we now see especially in Choiseul.

STOP. Consider this a gentle warning issued to the "OLD BROOMS"

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