Wednesday, November 09, 2011


This election campaign has certainly and continues to teach Lorne a painful lesson. 1. He has learnt that the bunch of professed intellects that surround him know nothing about politicking. 2. He has learnt that he should have never brought his recently fired campaign manager on board. ( the reason why he has vowed to keep to himself) 3. He is being pressured by his Party's General Secretary and the party stalwarts at his disorgansed and weak administered campaign. 4. It is rumored that the support that he was expecting from his family is not there.
I remember when Lorne turned coat and announced his candidacy for the Choiseul/Saltibus seat, in a post, I mentioned that this is not the right time for him. I specifically mention that there seem an air of revenge on Lorne's mind. ( sometimes I see it in the expression on his face) He even made it clear at his launching at the Old Boys' School when he coined it,"Rufus is not my friend." Ain't all politicians friend?
Lorne made a fopar in that he never thought the Rufus was such a formidable opponent. He Lorne was ill-advised.

He will pay dearly at the polls come 28th november and for that he will never forgive those who encouraged him to do so at this time around.
He should also have know that persons like Bolo and crew don't have what it takes to convince Choiseulians because they have never throughout their lives been interacting with the people. So what did Lorne expect from this guys except, God alone knows.
What pisses me off the most with Lorne is his backsliding. Persons of all walks of life disagree with other people and they mend it. Was Lorne so pompus that he lost all sense of reason to patch up? And more to that, when he had the alleged problems, it was the same labour party that was telling the nation about the allegations whereas the Uwp was helping pacify the situation. And today you are being embraced by these same hypocrites. Give me a break man.
This blog thinks that Lorne is on a mission to hurt the Labour party for what they did to him. (This is close to his chest)

Lorne will lose this battle against Rufus in this election, but he would have learnt many lessons which I'm sure he will not repeat in the future if he decides to have a go at this Choiseul/Saltibus seat again.

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