Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Labour's Big Babies

St. Lucians both here and abroad are tired of Kenny's whimperings over issues which he himself has been guilty of. The guy cries and cries and cries. Give me a break.
His latest complain is with King's weekly address to the nation. The PM's press Secretary announced that the Pm will deliver a series of weekly addresses to the nation leading up to general election. During each address he will touch on a separate topic. His first address was on the economy. (Read the full address on this blog
But, Kenny seems to be suffering from selective amnesia. It is the same Kenny who had the program "Conversation with the nation" just prior to last general elections. It was a daily program delivered by one of their high class propagandist. ( Bolo may be rated as number 2 and the biggest lier in Choiseul).
What amazes this blog is that Kenny must have known the effects of these programs to be crying foul, now that the shoe is on the other foot.
It also not surprising that the author of this blog's rival is going down the same road like Kenny.This blog in a previous post told its readers about the malicious, vindictive,slanderous, and irresponsible nature of this man. Christian loving people don't do these things to fellow christians.
The Rival blog will be well advised to take note of the latest court decision against HTS and Radio St. Lucia. You don't go about writing untruths about people with the intention to defame them.
Recently we saw a drop in the standard of writing of their blog. We understood that a new editor was doing the posting. Is she responsible for this low level of writing as well? God forbids.
This blog "Choiseul on the Move" has been rated as the cleaner of the two blogs throughout the campaign so far, and we intend to keep it this way. In the voters' minds the elections have already been decided. No need to keep smearing people's name. Well again this is nothing new - "Labour's strategy."
Met Lorne on Saturday and we had quite a healthy discussion on the cleanliness of the campaign. But here again, the campaign manager he recently fired, or the newly selected inexperienced female editor is doing more damage to the agreement that this campaign will be kept clean.
There seems to be a notion by the Labour operatives that we have no ammunition in our armoury.
Far from the truth. Let sleeping dogs lie.
Keep crying Big Babies. Your pain will soon be over. And this time you'll will weep day in day out.

PS. Heard the big crying baby was on tV spewing lies after lies. Not surprising at all.

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