Friday, November 04, 2011

Chastnet's Rally - A Touch Of Class

9..8..7.....4..3...2..1...Lights! It was a sight to be seen in Soufriere on Tuesday November 1, 2011 when the mini stadium lights were turn on at a public meeting by the United Workers Party.
Memories of the upcoming mini stadium for Choiseul flashed my mind. At the same time a feeling of pain struck me when I recalled how vehemently Lorne and his crew were condemning Rufus' plans to construct a similar stadium at La Fargue. His recently fired campaign manager affectionately known as 'Bolo" who does know his A.. from his elbow in sports, and who has not raised a finger to develop sports in the district was the most vocal in criticising Bousquet's vision for the sporting fraternity . Shame on 'Bolo', the young people will surely make him pay for this statement and for sure Lorne will never forgive him for this. Anyway this if for another show.
Soufriere was massive, the crowd extraordinaire.The pulsating sounds of Third World had the crowd rocking. Choiseul massive was there too and man like Nikel "Fella", the master himself Horatio and his crew, Dedan with the Roblot massive,Jimmy with the killa Delcer-Lapointe-Industry supporters were there too.
The night belonged to Chastnet and Third World. The former thanked the Taiwanese Ambassador for donating the lights for the stadium. Chastnet also spoke of his plans for the Soufriere constituency. ( But wait a sec, has Lorne put a mark, or done something significant in Choiseul, since offering himself for elections so persons can see he means business?)
Spider at the podium spoke of the lightings for playing fields in the North,South and east of the island very soon. He specifically mentioned the impact lighting of the playing fields can have on the youth.
Other speakers were Mondesir,Ezekiel, Frederick and the PM. King chastised kenny for challenging institutions like Imf,Eccb and our local statistics department.he went on to give the audience his plans for the few weeks left before elections - Rally in the Boulevard, Rally in Choiseul, (NCLWGM - Now Choiseul Labour Will Get Mad) and finally Rally in Grosilet.
Third World was superb. Rugs and Cat were magnificient, both with voice and guitar respectively. The bassman was in my head all the time . The keybord players and drummer were fantastic. To sum it up, if you were not there you really missed out on one in a lifetime free show.
Finally, talking about fireworks, outstanding.The Soufriere skies were lit in a kalaidacope of colours.
Soufriere was just great. But Choiseul will be "EXPLOSIVE."

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