Thursday, November 17, 2011


Like you did not know? The writing has been on the wall for a long time and it is only during the last twelve days before election that Lorne has finally realized that he does not stand a snowball chance in hell to win this Choiseul seat come this November 28,2011.
What does he revert to? He comes back home like the prodigal son,cries at his father's feet and beg for support and assistance. Like any responsible and loving dad would do he accedes to Lorne' request.As of the past weekend dad was in the field campaigning to get Lorne elected. Mr. Theophilus is a well known and successful Choiseulian and my mentor when it comes to cricket.He was the the one was responsible for my success in the game. thanks for that.

But my arguement with this gentleman is that deep in his heart he knows and feels that labour is not a government for the people. There again we have a gentleman who's only motive is to see his son win at any cost to the people of Choiseul. I also know that he does not like the best bone in Rufus. But is he so myopic as not to realize the change Choiseul has gone through during the past five years?
I can imagine the pain he must be going through to do what he is doing, knowing very well that his heart is not in it.

The labour party is clearly showing their desperation now. The "big guns" are back. but you can guess why. To make labour lose faster.
Ernest, Felix and Tennyson are all back to get get their ministerial position in case labour wins.

Ernest has made a mess of West Indies cricket and according to a recent facebook post, "Hilaire must go." Felix has left a legacy of cost overruns which this country continues to pay for. Tennyson the disapperer suddenly reappears after five years. To do what? Overshadow Lorne? Do these guys think that Choiseulians are daft?
Lorne and the labour party will learn what feels to innately be taking the people for a ride.

Recently, the news making the round is that if labour wins, Kenny proposes to make this country a republic and make himself president for life.

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