Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Campaign Train Gave Saltibus A Treat

Last week Wednesday Bousquet's campaign train held a public meeting in Saltibus. Hundreds of persons from Saltibus were present inspite of the inclemency of the weather.
The meeting was chaired by veteran and ex-district rep. bryan charles who to my mind was fantastic. He at all times introduced each speaker with a little background rap and on completion of each speaker's contribution highlighted the main points.
New speaker to the fold Chelidonia was dynamic as she took the receptive crowd down memory lane of what poor and good representation is all about.
She spared no time in relating to the avalanche of works done in her La Maze community as compared to the poor representation by Forgetus John.
Lambert, Anison, Karl and Wacha were the other speakers that provided food for thought on the good and impressive representation by Rufus Bousquet.
While Collymore under the shelter of and umbrella continued to film the event a bamboo flambeau kept on burning at the from of the podium.( not even the persistent drizzle could extinguish this flame)
The moment the crowd was waiting for had arrived. Bousquetwas introduced by the chairman and amidst a thunderous applause the rep rose to address the massive crowd.Silence gripped the atmosphere as bousquet stood at the podium, all smiles and probably pondering over his opening statement. "Es ou paway?" echoed over the speakers, "wee" the crowd responded.A repeat of the question was again poised and this time my eardrum hissed. Saltibus was ready to return Bousquet for another well deserved term.
Bousquet a seasoned and shrewd politition that he is kept the crow all hyped up.
By this time he was all sweating and wet as as he kept on firing on all four cylinders. He mentioned his completed projects in the constituency and the poor representation of the past rep.
He made his audience see why he is a better rep than Lorne can ever be. En passan Lorne's earlier allegged incident was mentioned and Bousquet emphasised that it was the same labour party that was condemning Lorne over the media and today he is dogging at their feet. It is only crumbs and left overs that Lorne will get if elected by the people Bousquet stressed.
Bousquet touched on numerous issues and his plan for the constituency in terms of employment for the youth, education, sports, and care for the elderly during his next term.

The meeting came to a close and the crowd was entertained by a local artist affectionately known as "Hank Williams" who performed a number of country and western songs.

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