Monday, November 21, 2011

King: SLP clueless about good governance

Five years after it was rejected by the people of St Lucia for a host of governance failures, there is no indication that the St Lucia Labour Party is willing to change in the public interest.
That’s the view of Prime Minister Stephenson King. He told the nation in this week’s edition of the performance review series “At Your Service”, the Labour Party remains unrepentant in the habit of ignoring the responsibility to uphold the good and just governance of the country:
“In other words the public should expect nothing else from Kenny Anthony and company but the usual business of defending the indefensible:

- Cost overruns on road projects amounting to 130 million dollars.
- 40 million dollars of taxpayers’ money to bailout Rochamel - a private company in which the Government and people have no shares.
- Millions of dollars of public money at NCA siphoned into the pockets of Labour Party cronies.
- Mismanagement of the economy.
- Inability to develop tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and other aspects of the growth engine.
- Record unemployment in the best years of the global economy.
- Embracing the Chinese policy of using development projects in St Lucia to employ their nationals while St Lucians remained unemployed.
- Dismissal of Senators seeking answers from Kenny Anthony about his bailout of Helen Air.
- Dismissal of an MP and Minister of Government for exercising the democratic right to stand on her religious belief and criticize a Kenny Anthony administration bill seeking to legalize abortion.
- Attacks on freedom of expression, referring to media workers as terrorist.
- Targeting public servants alleged to be leaking Government information to the media.

“Through all of these acts of unacceptable leadership conduct in a civilized society, Kenny Anthony operated without a clue as to what was required of him as someone sworn to uphold the good and just governance of St Lucia.

“Today, on the hunt for votes, he has the unmitigated gall to pontificate about what is and what is not good governance; and why he believes he was born with an entitlement to lead St Lucia”.

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