Friday, November 11, 2011

A bus Load of Passengers Perish In Vehicular Accident

Reports reaching this blog speaks to a motor vehicular accident on November 10, 2011 in which all fourteen passengers including the driver were killed when the minibus on which they were travelling plunged over a cliff and smashed on the rocks below in the sea of the Anse John Beach.
A fan of this blog who was at the site reports that the persons on the bus came from Dugard in Micoud to pay their last respects to an old friend of theirs from La Pointe, whose funeral service was held yesterday at the Choiseul R.C. Church.
After the funeral they went to the home of the deceased to get some eats and refreshments. It was on their way back when the accident took place along a stretch of well paved road with a gradient of about 45 degrees.
This tempting stretch of road ends with a hairpin bend. The driver not knowing the road must have continued with his acceleration and unable to negotiate the hairpin bend went straight ahead and over the cliff.
The cliff from the sea shore is about 40 to 50 metres high.
An eye witness on the scene when the bodies where being recovered from the wreckage spoke about the bodies being lined up on the beach. She even spoke about seeing two little girls among the bodies and how heart wrenching it was to see the condition of the girls. The impact of this vehicle on these rocks below must have been thunderous.
It is also alleged that there was one survivor who later passed as she was being taken to the hospital.
The district Rep was notified of the fatality and he immediately left to meet the relatives of the deceased to comfort and console them. As this post is being written the rep is at the St. Jude's Hospital with the families to offer support and any form of assistance which may be necessary.And to further show our supporters respect Bousquet has ordered that all political meetings for tonight and tomorrow be cancelled
Three years ago Choiseul was faced with an almost similar tragedy where three persons were killed in a head-on collision of two vehicles on the La fargue/Rivere Doree Highway..
This fatality will surely put a damper on the election campaigning on both sides as the candidates make time to empathize with the families and relatives. Although the deceased in the accident are actually not from the constituency, one must realise that they must have had friends/relatives down here to travel so far to attend a funeral.
Earlier this morning two more bodies were found - a child and a lady.
May the souls of the victims of this accident Rest In Peace
PS. Where was Lorne or his top brass to show some empathy. Anyway one should not expect any better from him

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