Tuesday, November 08, 2011


With their political campaign fluttering and seemingly destined for an electoral defeat of humongous proportions, Labour’s latest excuse is that “huge crowds do not win elections.” While there is a modicum of truth to this statement, “piss poor crowds” as the Saint Lucia Party has been attracting recently will certainly not bring electoral success. The latest excuse clearly shows that the SLP is in denial mode as they watch their uninspiring campaign stuck into gear and the only way from here is a precipitous slide.
And as their fortunes dissipate, they have resorted to innuendo which is further eroding their credibility and contributing to a cascade effect which leads them to the point of no return. Why would anyone engage in such unashamedly politically incorrect questioning of the economic figures from reputable institutions like the Caribbean development Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is beyond me? But one can understand the dilemma which the opposition finds itself in.
In the face of a continuing global economic storm, Saint Lucia has managed to achieve a growth rate of 4.4 percent while all other countries in the OECS with similar economies could only register negative growth. And in August of this year in its yearly assessment of the island, the IMF praised the Government of Saint Lucia for its prudent management of the economy citing that “the island rebounded rapidly after the ravages of hurricane Tomas. “
But the UWP government success is Labour’s “bête noir”. The positive news from these reputable financial institutions could not have come at a more inopportune time for Kenny Anthony. At a time when he would wish that he can flaunt his credentials for the post of Prime Minister again there is only positive news on the performance the economy. Poor Kenny, he is probably wondering why the devil has been so unkind to him.
To add insult to injury the massive crowd which turned up this Sunday at the William Peter Boulevard for the national rally of the ruling party issued yet another emphatic statement to the opposition that “they can’t touch this.” And so the last embers of the opposition star are no more. We are witnessing the end of the Kenny Anthony era. An era made infamous by Rochamel, the West Coast Road Project, NCA, Helenites, Grynburg and I almost forgot, Helen Air. Good riddance.
The UWP will continue to present Kenny Anthony with more bad news. This week the government is preparing to sign an agreement with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for a multi-million US dollar development of Port Castries. Further, an announcement on the Hewannora Airport Development Project will be made soon, coupled with the start of construction of the Freedom Bay Hotel in Malgretoute, Soufriere.
The Saint Lucia Labour Party must be wondering what has hit them. It is the might of the United Workers Party, which is destined for a landslide victory at the November 28th polls.


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