Thursday, April 21, 2011

Robert Lewis' Budget Manifesto

Robert Lewis has always been a favorite politician of mine. However I think he is among a wrong bunch of wolves. If Compton was alive, Lewis would have been on the other side. I stand corrected. The following points are Lewis' vision for Education and the youth which he presented in his budget contribution.
He says 'If elected to office a Labour government will,'
1. Structured early education - preschool education free of charge
2. Minimum standard examinations - Take results of this exams to remediate.
3. Reform of Primary school curriculum - emotional intelligence - importance of ITC.
4. Vision and hearing test for free
5. Bursaries for graduates of primary school children.
6. Reform in Secondary school system
7. Laptop to every child entering form 4
8. Support for after school clubs
9. Community service as mandate for graduation
10. Increase tertiary enrollment - sixty per cent bursaries for enrolment
11. Teacher professional development
12. University accredition bill to be passed in parliament
13. Comprehensive youth implementation program
14. Islandwide WiFi access
15. Revitalize club structure
16. Local coverage of all sporting activities by NTN
17. Database of all national sportsmen to be rewarded appropriately.
Very Interesting and creative.
Today the public heard from Ezekiel Joseph, Robert Lewis, Edmund Estaphane, Janine Compton, Kenny Anthony and Richard Frederick.

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Anonymous said...

I have been following this blog for sometime now. I like what you do. Keep it up. Before I quit I followed the Budget closely and I think Frederick, Rufus and King really exposed Kenny. A pity she use to portray himself as Mr. Clean. St. Lucians now think otherwise. the writing is now on the wall.