Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Opposition's Manifeso Budget Style Debate.

Opposition after opposition speaker at this year's Budget Debate were using the oppurtunity as a platform to read out some form of a party manifesto. Well, according to them, if not now, when? Wait for the bell! This must have been a strategic ploy by the Labour Parliamentarians to let the nation hear about their utopian plans.
I was flabbergasted. Is this what a budget debate is suppose to bring out? I really thought that the opposition's ploy was suppose to show the nation, flaws in the Budget? But ahwah, it's a campaign spree.
It leaves one to wonder whether the oppositon is getting cold feet.
I am now listening to Pierre crying over the 'Great Wall Of Pierre' and saying how vindictive, vicious, and petty St. Lucians are. Felt the guy's pain. Honestly.
I was happy to hear Pierre talk about the need for infrastructural works in his constituency. Yet still, my good lady friend seems to feel that such works are not neccessary in Choiseul, and are only for votes. That's why I still think she's a myopican. No offense. 'Have a life,' is her new phrase now. Lol

Fredrick move for an adjournment. Before putting the motion to the House, the Speaker brought to Dalson's attention his poor mannerisms in the House...... his use of offensive language.
Speakers for the day were Marcus Nicholas, Harold Dalson, Kieth Mondesir, Arsene James, Moses Jn. Baptiste, and Phillip Pierre.
More campaigning tomorrow? Trust me' it has just started.

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