Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Panderer?

You know it amazes me when I hear the doctor take to the airwaves,and, even more so, after the budget. To my mind the Dr. seems to be suffering from chronic amnesia. Is that what opposition politicians suppose to do,or is it the order of the day or yet still, is that the game?
A few pointers:
Kenny says 1. that all the PS's are corrupt to the core. Hear this, if his party wins is he not expected to work with them at least for a while. Hello.
2. That the police force is inefficient' but again if he gets into power is it not that same police force he expects to be loyal to his cause against crime?
I think we are at war with our ownselves Farmers were made to go to war against their ownself
We have no control over the gas prices, yet Kenny wants the nation to think that he is the saviour. Does the Dr. really think he can make a change in the OIL market? Whooooyyy!
The guy, whether it be for political expedience or not, keeps on pandering on a whole lot of issues that he needs to come out straight to the nation..
Is this elections gimmicks or is he playing with the people's mind.
In Choiseul it will be interesting to hear the battle issues. At least King, the lesser
mind (that they say) than Kenny has brought the economy to 4.5% gainlast year. Did the less educated man do better than the Dr. Whooooyyy!
Who cares? You should.
Will Choiseul say Lorne is a lawyer and Rufus is nothing? (a prominent businessman). Ahway! Mistake.
Tomose, (the Soufrere Rep) a qualified teacher, who goes on the airwaves, is a sore to the ears. Pronunciation problem. Isn't Rufus dynamic and fluent? Don't you think that he is even better than Lorne by a long measure? Want to hear fluency and style, check the debate on Tuesday? Now I've touched your weak spot. Garson, you en hear nuttin yet.
I heard a young man make a mess of the caretaker candidate last night over a sporting issue. Talking about football. Shock and Awe!
Inspite of my political divide I was unimpressed by the caretaker's response. Is this a future Rep?
I have no quams with Lorne but I think he is no match for Rufus as a politician. Granted.
Now, who is his cornerstone to make him what choiseulians would like him to be? You, you, or you. I know though. Let me whisper in your ear, none of you!
It's a time of reflection and decisive thinking. Who will be given the baton to champion the cause of the people of Choiseul in the upcoming elections? The people have decided, and they are keeping it close to their chest.
In my deepest thoughts, I know (not think) that Rufus will be the PEOPLE'S CHOICE.
TOOF!!!!!!! When will the bell be rung. Hope an pray.

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