Sunday, April 24, 2011

Labour so - called uncorrupt administration exposed

St. Lucians now have quite a bit to chew on after listening to Richard, Rufus and finally King.
Kenny in his two hour presentation found all faults in the Budget. He said that Ezekiel is the worst agriculture minister ever. He said that the government could not have had a growth of 4.4% but according to certain trends he would presume it is below this percentage. He said there in nothing in the budget to talk about. (Yet he spoke on it for two hours) He lamented the fact that the government did not grant any subsidy to the petroleum dealers. And the litany of complains went on and on. He concluded by categorising the budget as 'The Ti Canal Budget'.
But he had it coming, because Richard took to the podium immediately after him. There was silence in the House; the Mace trembled, the opposition members began to turn and twist in their chair and the audience in the gallery waited with abated breath. Kenny's demise was at hand.
Richard tore into Kenny's presentation like a hungry wolf getting a meal after a long wait. Kenny, glued to his chair had no answer to Richard's onslaught.
The usual Rochamel came up and so was the West Coast Road and do not forget the NCA scandal. But what stunned the nation was the Oil exploration deal with personal royalties for a minister. Could you believe what you heard? Talking about corruption, there it is in your face. Not one attempt was made by the Leader of the opposition to clear the air.
Rufus dealt him Kenny a scathing attack on this same marine exploration deal. Rufus, in no uncertain ways made it known to the House that has repeatedly misled the House.
King, in his rebuttal, classified the leader of the opposition as a reckless and uncaring leader. He mentioned about the biggest direct award contract given in St. Lucia....the construction of the prison for $50m. King continued to expose the poor decisions Kenny took during his tenure.
What was really amazing was that Kenny didn't have the balls to be in the House during the rebuttal. He knew that he would be challenged for the way he manipulated the figures, especially on unemployment. King did not spare him, and repeatedly called him a reckless leader.
Well the 'harlay karsay' of the budget is finally over but not without being given a clear direction of where the country is going. Bravo to King's administration.
St. Lucian will not make another mistake.
Ps. In my last post I complimented Robert on his vision for education and youth. King had me to think otherwise. The PM said that what Robert did was extract all these from the budget and repackage it. Shame on Robert.

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