Friday, April 08, 2011

La Maze road project full speed ahead

Rehabilitation works on the La Maze community road got underway on Monday. The works are moving at a brisk pace. Many truck loads of sub-base material are being laidas the first layer.
One can visibly see that the road is wider than before.
The residents of the community are overjoyed by this project. Speaking with a group of ladies in the community,they promised to give their full support to Bousquet for seeing that this long over due road rehab is done.
Speaking in patois they echoed, 'We have always said 'that the person who did the road for us gets all our votes.' Strong statement. They continued, 'Now we can start having our activities once more.'
A number of concrete slabs and grills have been constructed to prove ease of entrance to people's homes.
La Maze is now the La Maze it ought to be, and the people are proudof their community once more.

Dedan C.G.Jn.Baptiste

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