Monday, April 25, 2011

Bousquet's Achievements in Education

Now that the 2011 - 2012 Budget Debate is over, both the Parliamentarians and by extension the nation will return to their usual routine. Since elections are constitutionally due not later than March 2011, you can rest assured that the campaign will intensify.
During Bousquet's contribution he briefly, due to the time constraints mentioned his phenomenal contribution to Education in his constituency. This post aims at giving the reader an indepth look of his achievements in this field in the constituency.
The Rep's thrust in education actually started with his assessment of the Common Entrance Examinations. He thought that he could motivate the students if he could only offer some form of incentive. Taking into consideration the trend that the world is taking towards IT, he settled for Laptops and printers.
In 2008, the year the program began, the two top students of the above mentioned exam each got a laptop. In 2009, the top five students each got a laptop and printer. Last year every top student for each primary school in the constituency received a laptop. A desktop was also given to a child from Fiette, who topped the island.
A further four laptops and a desktop and printer have been presented to the schools to be used by the students. To date a total of eighteen laptops, two desktops and seven printers have been presented in just three years.
Three school made requests for photo copier/printer.These were presented at special ceremonies held at the respective schools.
Another school which complained about lack of sufficient storage water, were able to get two one-thousand gallon tanks as well as guttering.
The Choiseul Secondary School's IT lab have every computer upgraded to meet the demands of the pupils. The school also received a complete intercom system so that the principal,from his office can be in touch with every class and vice versa.The school's football team was also presentedwith gear for every player on the team.
It would be unfair not to mention the agricultural project that Bousquet was instrumental in bringing to the school....compliments the Taiwanese Government.
In the line of personal development, the Rep is proud to be associated with Choiseulians students who have been awarded scholarships to study in China, Taiwan, Cuba and elsewhere.
Requests have been made to Rufus to include CXC students in the package. This year this will be added to the list.
A new category is being discussed now - 'The top teacher for the year'.
An IT centre is to be constructed this year. Bousquet aims to visit every school in his constituency this year.
In closing, it needs to be mentioned here that numerous humanitarian gestures were given to the most needy parents to assist with school books and uniforms.
Bousquet,here to make an impact in Education!!!

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