Wednesday, April 20, 2011

La Maze Road Works Proceeding Smoothly

The local contractor who was given the task to rehabilitate the La Maze Community Road must come in for high praise. He has completed the excavation process. The laying of materials for the sub-base is in place, and now the final layer of surface materials are being laid.
The Debreuil- Roblot road was very busy yesterday.... all day as trucks hauled materials for the works.
This project has added a new dimension to the landsape in La Maze. There is also a sense of pride among the people as they get a feeling of a people being given recognition.
The road rehab has been ongoing for three weeks now and is due to end in another one to two weeks. Looking at the works it is unimaginable to picture what was there before as a road.
As I prepare this post my mind just flashed on Richard's powerpoint presentation, and thought to myself, that I should prepare such a presentation on the before and after pics on this road. Let's see where the people were before and now.

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