Sunday, April 17, 2011

King Delivers 2011 - 2012 Budget

Thursday last week saw the opening of the sixth session of the eighteenth Parliament. This was preceded by the parade and inspection of the guards.Following this the Governor General delivered the Throne Speech outlining the governments policies for this new session.

Later in the day the Prime Minister presented his 2011 - 2012 Budget Address of the Estimates of Expenditure to the tune of $1,337,807,300.00 to the House of Assembly. His address lasted just over two and one half hours.

The theme for this year's Budget is 'Creating a Safe and Secure Environment and Rebuilding Communities, While Transforming the Economy to Attain Sustainable Development.'

During the presentation the police came if for high praise for their effort in risking their lives to bring some form of arrest to the escalating crime situation that was gripping the island.

He also spoke to the escalating gas prices and its effects on the nation. He said that at this juncture his government is unable to subsidize the petrol cost at the pump but he was however able to increase the subsidy on the 20lb propane cylinder (the poor man's gas) by $5.00. The government subsidy is now $15.00.

The Ministries of Finance, Education and Communications received the largest allocations.

The recovery efforts, King says will be given much priority in order to bring back the damaged communities back to a state of normalcy.

Many districts will see new initiatives being brought forth.

Going through the text of the Budget address, one will notice that there is consideration for almost every St. Lucian.

Excerpts of this address will be posted on this blog in the coming days.

The complete address can be obtained by writing to with the subject heading 'Requesting budget address.' You may also access the text at

The Budget Debate gets on the way tomorrow and may last up to Wednesday. Many viewer will be looking forward to hear their Rep's contribution.

Choiseulians on both side of the political divide will surely view Bousquet,s contribution because of his eloquence,captivating and charismatic qualities. Not to mention his flair for a little humor. Will there be fireworks in the House? Well you know its election year and everyone will want to score points at all cost?

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