Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Champion Yard" Icon Laid To Rest

On arrival at Bertie Nicholas a.k.a Kalagin's funeral service, one could not miss the site of a Mazda pick-up Reg.# TA 1093, parked near the church's entrance. It is through the pick-up and many other great works that this well loved icon will long be remembered.

Draped with flowers, Kalagin's well polished casket, placed at the entrance, exposed his body for a last viewing by his family, friends and persons who attended the funeral service. He lay in his casket completley at peace as if just "chillin".

Inside, the pews were all filled as the congregation waited patiently for the arrival of the priest to get the service underway. Kalagin's family occupied the front pews of both lanes.

Visibly present, and sometimes disappearing to more or less console himself, was according to Mrs. Lucy Nicholas, who gave the eulogy, Kalagin's "adopted dad", Horatio. The man was broken.

The eulogy was a condensed biography of Bertie. It was filled with grief, information and of course a little humor, Lucy cheered up the rather solemn congregation with an instance of Kalagin's passion for helping people. " He would collect petrol to run errands for Horatio, but sometimes he would do humanitarian deeds before carring out the errands and as a result the petrol would run out. So Don and I came up with a plan whereby we would give him half before the errand and half afterwards. Lucy continued, " Both Kalagin and his grandmother died under similar circumstances - runaway vehicles which crushed them".

Sue Ella visibly broken at the pulpit did a fantastic rendition of "Please Remember". Grappling with emotion at the start, she finally settled down to "bring it on". Superb!! Sorry, can't reproduce the video.

Lucy and Lorraine did the first and second readings respectively .

It had to take a really creative mind to decide to give Kalagin, his final ride in the van he was so associated with, and of course, who else do you think would be his final driver if not his adopted dad. Check the video.

Born: November 21st, 1963

Died: November 16th, 2009

Buried:November 28th, 2009

Kalagin will surely be missed. He's right now a solider in Jah Army.

This is his song to enjoy in heaven "Life is Real" by Israel Vibration


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