Sunday, November 01, 2009

Logix recuperating slowly

The author of this blog, as all readers will know was one of the victims of the school bus accident that occurred on the La Fargue road on the 16th October, 2009. Every student travelling on that ill-fated bus incurred injuries. However four of them seriously; Logix, Kevin, Duran and Thelma, all of whom had to be detained at Victoria and St. Jude’s Hospital.

Thelma, the most seriously injured of the four, it is reported, keeps coming and going out of comas. Both Kevin, with a hip injury, and Duran with a pelvic complication had to undergo surgery. Logix, with a fractured wrist, a damaged Achilles heel, a neck which is weak and doctors can’t find what really is the problem, and is being supported by some mechanism, and gashed head, is out of hospital and recuperating slowly at home.

However he must report to St. Jude’s twice weekly for therapy.The writer of this article wishes every student who was involved in the accident a speedy recovery. However, what pains him, is the untold damage both physically and mentally that these children may have to endure in the future. What guarantee is there that these four victims may ever take part in sports again/or be physically able? Not to mention the educational instructions that they are forced to miss because pure of CARELESSNESS.

We hope that your prayers are with these kids and let’s hope that no serious complications arise out of these injuries.

The pics shown here are those of Logix, in chronological order – accident-hospital-home. The videos are graphic and viewer discretion is advised

Logix expresses his gratitude to the teachers. Mrs. Laffeuille, Ms. Charlery and the students of his class who paid him a visit at home.

Written by Dedan C.G. Jn. Baptiste

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