Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Projects,Projects, Projects!

The constituency is bursting at its seems with the numerous projects that are ongoing simultaneously. One can see the large number of persons at work on the La Fargue, Delcer, Roblot and La Maze road.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure that the Distrct Rep. is firing on all fours to see that his constituency prospers both infrastructurely and economically, not to forget agriculturally.

The La Fargue retaining walls and drains have both raised the standarded of living and brought a sense of poshness to the area. The La Maze road, long overdue has help make this community more readily accessible by other communities and person wishing to know the enclave. Without a shadow of a doubt the farmers of Delcer and La Pointe will prosper tremendously by this irrigation project.

What is there to be said? Bousquet is a working politician that and makes no bones about helping his people to have a better life and a more prosperous constituency to live.

For the two and three-quarter years that the Rep. has led Choiseul, it is my firm opinion that most persons are satisfied with his work so far.

There is still lots more in the pipeline.

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