Friday, November 20, 2009

Run-off water diverted away from three houses

Run-off water from the main Roblot road have been creating a problem for the families of six homes in the community. The running water, during heavy rains, have been undermining the structure of these houses.

The occupants made a request to the District Rep. mentioning their plight. Their request did not fall on deaf ears as presently a group of worker are constructing a drain to divert this water. Also one of the homes will be blessed with a step at their entrance.

A resident of one of the houses, a strong supporter of the SLP said, "Pa shoddi nous ka manday canal sa la, epi e pwan Rufus pou fei ban nous. Merci Rufus,ou ne vote nous." ( We have been asking for this drain for a long time now, and it took Rufus to get it done for us. Thank you Rufus,you have our vote.)

Well well well, the man works speaks for him. What say you?

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