Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Works to Start On The Mongouge Multi-purpose Centre

Work will commence on the Mongouge Multi-purpose Centre from December 7, 2009. The centre has been in a delapidated condition for sometime now.Readers will remember an article posted in July whereby the Rep and some Ministry official were in Mongouge to inspect the centre with the intention to rebuild it.

This dream has materialised and the residents of Mongouge will soon have a modernised centre. The centre will house a library, a kitchenette, a section for the elderly and hopefully an IT room.

The new building is estimated to cost about $500,000.00.

The question which needs to be put to Bousquet's critics is " Is the standard of living higher in Choiseul now thanit was ten years ago?" Did you stamma to answer? Aha! Take the vote on the left.

Like I've promised an article is scheduled to be posted on Dec. 13, 2009 under the heading "Flashback: Bousquet's achievements 2009."

However it is worth mentioning here that Bousquet has touched the lives of almost every individual in all the communities through various projects.

What projects? The Delcer irrigation system, the drive-ways at Raveneau and Roblot, the ongoing road construction in Morne Jacques, the Boisden road, the retaining walls and drainaige in La fargue, the La maze road works, bus shelters at Saltibus,Delcer,Lapointe,, the upgrading of the Coco and Caffierre fields, footpaths in La pointe,Delcer, Jetrine,upper Saltibus, donation of computers and printers to students and schools and many more. These are just a few. Look out for Dec. 13, 2009 post.

Rufus, doing great works in Choiseul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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