Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Preparation works to repair road slippage commenced

On Saturday October 31, 2009, residents of Roblot and motorists moving along saw heavy equipment on the site of the "Road Slippage" which took place in the community late last year due to heavy rains.
This slippage has brought lots of comments by the residents and motorists at the delay the authorities have taken to respond to such a precariously positioned slip - it takes about 1/4 of the main road.

Recently more rains have aggravated the slip causing many concern citizens to call the talk shows and express their concerns: that the authorities take the neccessary action to remedy this situation.

Well, the authorities have heeded to the call and works have commenced. A deep drain is being dug on the opposite side of the slippage, apparantly to reduce on the amount of water which runs down the slippage.

It is hoped that the authorities will hasten their work as we have yet to have the heavy rains plus the size of the drain has made the road narrower which make maneuvering for the motorists more circumspect.
Speaking with the Minister, Guy Joseph on Russell Lake's "Drive-by" program yesterday, he has promised to get an update on the status and call him to get some feed back. Keep reading the blog to be informed.
Written by Dedan C.G. Jn. Baptiste

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