Friday, November 27, 2009

Education Officer commends Honourable Rufus Bousquet

Education Officer for District six John Mathurin has commended the Parliamentary Representative for Choiseul/Saltibus Honourable Rufus Bousquet for his contribution to the educational development of young people within the District.

Five students from the constituency recently received new laptops and printers from Mr. Bousquet, who also indicated that a sixth student from the Saltibus area will also receive the educational tools,for excelling at the 2009 Common Entrance Exams.

Mr. Mathurin said such contributions are supported by the Ministry of Education because it redound to the benefit of the entire nation in the long run.

"Let me on behalf of the Ministry of Education and the education fraternity in the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency,thank the District Rep Honourable Rufus Bousquet for his continued efforts at ensuring that your students are rewarded for their efforts in the school, at least your students have something to look forward to," Mr. Mathurin noted.

The Local Government Authority in Choiseul/Saltibus also commended the MP for the gesture which it describes as invaluable and timely.

Mr. Gilbert Isaac of the Choiseul Village Council also urged the students to use their successes at the Common Entrance Exams as a stepping stone for future achievements.

"This is not the end, but really it is the beginning of the hard work you have to do to achieve your goals. So I would encourage you not to allow the negative influences of your peers and the negative influences of society to deter you from achieving your goals," said Mr. Isaac

He says the donation of the laptops and printers to the students will prepare the students for the gloal challenges in this technological environment.
Source: GIS

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