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The People Respond To Rufus Bousquet's Statements

Rufus Bousquet
Isn't ironic, that Rufus Bousquet, who could not predict his wins or losses during his twenty-five year tenure in politics, has miraculously gotten a sixth sense/third eye which has enabled him to predict the outcome or fate of an individual vying for the seat in Choiseul in the upcoming General Elections which some analysts predict may be withing the next three months. Speaking to St Lucia News Online, Rufus says that Bradley Felix, the endorsed candidate for Choiseul/Saltibus, is going to lose  because he was part of a process that allegedly attempted to disenfranchise the people in Choiseul. Still caught up in his hate and bitterness at Allen Chastanet, Rufus went on to say Bradley " caught up in the promises and schemes of the leader, and his best bet would be to leave that tiger alone. But if he wants to grab the tiger by the tail that’s up to him.” Violet Naomi : "So who or what is the tiger: (a ) The people of Choiseul (b) Lorne Theophilus  (c ) Rufus Bousquet....i'm lost. Just wondering, since he was going to contest that seat if he is not the tiger......."

The Observer, who gave his/her thoughts on Bousquet's statements which was posted  on SNO, puts it perfectly. "Bouquet is clearly showing the desperate lengths he will go to so as to be in political office. The reality is now sinking in that his party is running a candidate and it is not him. He is now raging with anger and bitterness...............that is what happens when people allow anger, hatred, bitterness and revenge to get the better of them. Bouquet squandered many opportunities. HD had to have been a fine politician."

 (Check the two links below for a full report on the article, comments and thoughts expressed on Bousquet statements.)
Bradley Felix

Here are the FB comments:
 Chandradat Deonandan: As I looked at this tall young man organizing table tennis , volleyball and cricket in his youthful days in Reunion I knew that he will be a great son of Choiseul soil one day. The time has come, Bradley, to hold the mantle of leadership. Take it and afraid of no one. You will definitely excel in politics. Mr, Hubert King would have said the same thing about you. Bradley was a respectful son of the soil, he greets everyone with a smile. and advises people when they need help. How can Busquoet criticise such a personality.
Chandradat Deonandan: Please Reunion.  Don' t dis anybody. He was born in Choiseul and per se Reunion. I was a teacher at CSS. I will tell all my friends on Facebook to vote for Bradley. I think he is the best man for Choiseul.
Ian Ferdinand: Rufus you trying too hard to keep the diplomatic passport Kenny allowed you to keep hence why you want everybody who is a candidate for the UWP to lose.
Chandradat Deonandan Busquoit: Don't make a mistake by judging a book by its cover. Bradley will excel in Politics and you will be the one to congratulate him.
Francis Herve: Every time he remembers the good old days, he just can not stay out of the LIME LIGHT. Try being a good person for one time in your life and leave well alone
Chandradat Deonandan : Bousquet, when I was teaching at Choiseul. As the organiser of the school Graduation ceremony: I asked you for a prize to give the best graduation student at CSS, And you shouted at me. "Where the hell can I get that money to give you" I walked out of your office and feel broken. I still remember that day you proved to me a hypocrite.
Violet Naomi : So who or what is the tiger: (a ) The people of Choiseul (b) Lorne Theophilus  (c ) Rufus Bousquet....i'm lost. Just wondering, since he was going to contest that seat if he is not the tiger is he saying he is Goliath!!!!!
Pere Willo: Everyone can see through you Mr.Bousquet., " fool some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time...but brother, you can't fool all the people all the time.".......
Grace Chestnut: Aa, jus so Bruce Tucker...but how comes u didn't see u would lose last election...smh
Kieran Zeal Valcin: Booboos..where is the boxing equipment your consulate general in Canada had to send down so I could train the team in Choiseul secondary..jhik toujour ee pokor wevay.. and the electricity bill for your choiseul office.. The bill has not been paid coco..clear it uh
Macgyve Esnard Bousquet: is just acting like fool now
Electrifying Blue Maestro: Didn't he said the same thing about Lorne ?
Macgyve Esnard: As young person i will never vote for bousquet
Lucia Pierre Louis: Bouquet you were voted out,give someone else a chance
Ellis St Rose: Bousquet is just hungry for power no one will vote for him

Albert Celestin: All of a sudden he wants to be part of the mongrel party
Zaki Clarke: Anything this convicted felon claims should be taken with two full container loads of salt.
Winette Korine Martelly: Bousquest take a vacation an live politics alone everyone wants to be in politics y is that? jus be calm n forget abt it. wat is rong with u people, thirsty for money?
Augustin Didier: So what's about u can u do better pussy boy
Shanzz Matthew: Bousquet have a sit
Peterkin Brett: How u know that boss?
Lindy Darcheville Edward: Rufus make a round tan. Choops. Loser.
Garfield Jn Baptiste: Jealously is a crime
Disraeli James: Sour grapes

In closing this blog is in total agreement with this statement."Anonymous March 29, 2016 at 11:28 AM: Rufus news for you, I am from Choiseul. I rather lose the seat with Bradley than winning it with you. And I believe majority of the people from Choiseul holds the same feeling......"  Check the links.
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