Friday, March 11, 2016

Will Rufus Really Run as an Independent? – by Dedan

There is an old saying which says, “You have to sleep with fowls to know if they snore.” I pride myself to knowing Rufus Bousquet so well that I think I can write a book about him. After spending almost 25 yrs in his camp who else can match me to know this guy better. I get a regular Rss feed from The St Lucia Times. At about 1:08 pm Thursday March 10, 2016 I received the feed – “Rufus says UWP Slate Barren.”  Upon opening the link, I was flabbergasted at what this man was saying. Like a dog barking at the wind he went out on a rampage damning the UWP leader and going as far as to question the integrity the endorsed candidates of the party. 

Rufus and Chastanet - Arch enemies?
He begins, “Your most important quality if you wish to be a candidate for the UWP is to show absolute devotion, love, submission to the leader” Rufus has none of these qualities and as for submission, he would rather enforce it upon another himself. Rufus throughout his tenure as Parliamentary Rep continually did things on his own without any consultation – a pure one- man show. No wonder Compton had him fired twice - he is a poor listener. Rufus is allergic to protocol and that has been has been among other things his downfall.

He continued with his ranting, “If you walk into the room wearing out your knee caps and your elbows and bow before Mr. Allen Chastanet, then no matter what people think, you will be the candidate.” Can you believe this coming from the guy? Rufus lays blame on everybody for whatever happens to him. He said it was his team who had him to lose the last elections. He says it’s your humble servant that prevented him from getting more votes in Polling Division I5. What however he will not say, it is only after I managed the team, UWP for the first time won the Polling Division I5. Rufus is a buck-passer.

Rufus seem to think that it is Chastanet who does not want him as the candidate for Choiseul. This is so wrong. Rufus is not a team player. He should have realized that his little schemes to manipulate the Branch election process would not hold water. Furthermore, his sources are outdated and have lost touch with reality on the ground.

In spite of his firings,he continues to display signs of bad behavior. Mean, vindictive and hurtful words are all Rufus spews out at Allen Chastanet and by extension his comrades within the Party. That's an example of using blame to excuse his  own bad behavior. Blame is like anger in that it dulls one sense of empathy. It allows a person to act in a hurtful way to another human being or organisation. It isn't the act itself, but it often clears the road. Blame is not the act itself, but it either erodes or outright removes these inhibitions, often both.  It develops a thought pattern that allows the person's emotions to override his/her self-control in order to achieve an often selfish end -- including sustaining dysfunctional patterns. Hmmm!

While this may seem like an overly harsh statement, also realize the kind of mindset that so quickly adopts blame as a defensive posture for emotional/ego protection is exactly the  same one that will put you in front of, otherwise avoidable, physical danger.

 Lorne, Rufus and Bradley - Candidates for Choiseul
So there comes the bombshell which this blog predicted in an earlier post. Rufus declares his candidacy as an independent. "In those circumstances, knowing the reaction of the people of Choiseul to me and knowing that they repose a tremendous amount of faith in me as a representative, I don’t think I should let them down.” Rufus explained.  Seriously? Pure bluff, bluff and more bluff! Or is it scare tactic? I would want to believe it's the latter. (Have your say on the poll on the right)

Reason. Rufus does not like to lose. He will never go in a three cornered fight. Take it from me. Plus, he will never risk his resources just to lose or upset a candidate. This is not in the nature of the man whom I know. So what’s the solution – have him come on board with Bradley and offer him a JOB in government if the party wins. But he has spewed so much garbage already, really one wonders what is there for him.

The ball is in his court to play, if there are not already plans afoot to kick him out of the party.

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