Friday, April 01, 2016

I Have Never Known Things To Be Worse In St. Lucia Than It Is Today - Jimmy Haynes

Jimmy Haynes
I made the following statement three years ago and unfortunately it is still relevant. sigh!
I started typing something and my connection abruptly got severed and I do not know if what I had begun to say would have got me in trouble. It seems that speaking your mind in St. Lucia could affect your livelihood just like exercising your voting franchise.

So we tread lightly and while we mouse around things get worse and we blame the politicians.

 My friends I have never known things to be worse in St. Lucia than it is today. I look around my community on this Easter weekend and I can see and feel the misery. The bars and dancehalls are virtually dead. While that may not be a bad thing it is also an accurate measurement of our local economy and it is dormant. Somethings have to change and only we can effect such.

How many people have not settled their monthly obligations this past month? How many of us shudder when a twin cab four wheel drive parks outside our homes? Is it LUCELEC coming to disconnect us? How was your Easter? Most of us on Facebook are too young to know what Easter meant to St. Lucians a couple decades ago.

 It is pathetic; people are suffering while some are living the life not because of their hard work and innovation but because of their affiliations. It is not fair. In this time we cannot afford this nepotism, political favoritism and all this kissing-ass. Say something and say it loud otherwise, perish.

I mean no one any harm.

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