Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Bradley's Application Has Been Confirmed By The National Executive" - Rufus

Bradley Felix
Well is all boiling down to the wire and finally a path is being chartered to let Choiseul's UWP supporters know  whom their candidate for the next General Elections will be. It has been a long and dragging process with a lot of ill-will, subterfuge, cocomackery, fight-down and a deliberate attempt by certain individuals in position to mislead the supporters of the Party in the Constituency.

Whereas, Rufus' Neal's and Bradley’s name were in the pool, the branch executive chose to endorse Neal and not Bradley, using the excuse that Bradley was not a member of the Party. The Bradley’s membership could have been simply confirmed with just one phone call. Anyway the Central Executive found a lack of consistency with the Branch’s modus operandi and chastised them for it. Anyway in spite of them knowing full well that Neal is not interested, proceeded to send up his name to the National Executive

Hearing about this development I WhatsApp Rufus, whom we all know is the Chairman of the Branch.  “Hey, Bradley just told me that he has applied to the Branch, so what’s the hold up now? The branch has not acknowledged his application.” I wrote.  “Really, ask him to say that publicly” Rufus replied, an hour thirty-three minutes later. I understood from a reliable source that the Branch had a meeting last night. So hence the late reply I presume.

But earlier this morning I had already spoken with a member of the National Executive who informed me that Bradley is a member of the Party and that his application has been accepted.  So I went back to Rufus. “He [Bradley] is a member of the Party and his application is in….and I know full well that you are aware of this.” (Bradley had a month or there about earlier,February 8th to be exact, written to the branch telling them that he is interested in running the seat). “So stop “mischieving” around.”  Rufus replied mentioning that he has signed Neal’s application and that there was no application from Bradley. He went on to say, “….His [Bradley’s] application to the Party has already been confirmed by the National Executive so make sure you have your facts right.  I am already resigned to the fact that I am not Chastanet’s candidate. He has his candidate. So what’s the issue?”

None!   Bradley I presume will be endorsed soon. Let’s wait and see how things turn out in the coming weeks………. It may not be over just yet.

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