Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Choiseul/Saltibus - On Your Marks, Get Set...... Are you Ready to Go?

It is being predicted throughout the country that this General Elections may be one of the hottest/nastiest  ever held - the "movaylang", the character assassinations, "maypwee", insinuations, violence by supporters from all sides are, I am sure, bound to surface. The rhetoric being dished out by politicians and by extension the individual parties does not auger well for a peaceful exercise of ones voting rights. There appears to be an atmosphere of hate, revenge and untrustworthiness among the politicians, which has eaten into the psyche of the citizenry, and which may lead to a low voter turn out this time around.

Theophilus, Bousquet, and Felix

Lorne, by all accounts is sure to be the one running for the SLP. He, in no uncertain terms, has been laying the foundation for his re-election - visiting influential supporters within different communities and enclaves, awarding small contracts here and there, making his presence felt at various community events and recently his declaration that a resort is due to come on stream soon. These are effective tools which a politician uses to establish his influence and to get re-elected in any constituency.

Bradley Felix, after much "halaykarsay" due to a much-ado-about-nothing by a handful of Rufus'  "zeleves", has been given the nod at a meeting last night to be the endorsed candidate for the UWP to represent this constituency. (more about him later)

Meanwhile, having been overlooked by the Party, Rufus Bousquet has informed the media that he plans to  run as an independent. He further states that his uncle or father did run and win as an independent (I stand corrected) and that he is of the view history will repeat itself. Is that the cry of a dying politician? - a hopeless hope?

Which ever way is goes - whether it be a "Tet-a-Tet" fight between Lorne and Bradley or  adding Rufus to the battle in a three-pronged fight, voters of Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency will have their work cut-out for them. They will be following the developments very closely, so that while the campaigns are heating up it will be, On your marks.........on Election Eve Night, a Get Set........ and on Voting day, a Go.

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Anonymous said...

By voting Lorne we were able to put in Parliament a man who set out to do good not only for Choiseul but on a national level. As a young minister he revolutionized the tourism industry which in turn help generate economic growth. We are staying with Lorne. Sorry for those who thought we would have casted him by the wayside!