Monday, March 07, 2016

Jesus, Take the wheel!

In the few years I have followed politics in this constituency, I have never seen such dark times as now. The Choiseul/Saltibus Constituents have theirs backs between a rock and a hard place - Lorne being the rock and Rufus the hard place. Lorne's tenure thus far has been nothing short of a something-of-a-representation, though there seems to be some improvements lately. As for  Rufus Bousquet's charade, it is nothing short of pure mischief, greed and as far as this blog is concerned, hopeless case (Espoir mal papaye). Both UWP and SLP supporters are dumbfounded as to what is the Rep up too, and further, are completely bewildered at Rufus' propaganda, that he has come back because he loves the people of Choiseul - nothing short of lies, lies, more lies as well as oppurtunistic.

Lorne Theophilus
Lorne and Rufus - birds of a feather - both know the art of manipulation and coercian.
The attacks on each other during the 2011 General Elections was very intense. Though one could see the contempt for Rufus in Lorne's demeanor and statements while on platform, the former was more reserved when it came for throwing blows at the latter? - however, the campaign song about Lorne by the Choiseul Uwp branch was a disgrace.
The UWP convention hype is over and Chastanet has convincingly held on to the leadership position. It is not surprising that Rufus and his entourage are dejected, disappointed and broken at the results.
A good friend of mine who religiously reads this blog, mentioned to me my apparent obsession with writing about Rufus - is that so? It's not an obsession but a passion for writing about things I consider that affects the Choiseul community and it happens that Rufus is at the center - hence his name making it in my blog. So much for that.
Bradley Felix
Fast forward! It is being rumoured that Bradley Felix will most likely be the endorsed candidate for the UWP's come this elections. I personally called Bradley and asked him about the rumour. He was rather tight-lipped about the matter and informed me that if he decides to run for the seat, he will provide this blog with the info. Hmmm!
Fast forward! The UWP Executive of the Branch Council are up in arms as to the rumours/fact that Bradley has been hand picked by Allen to run the seat. "Why did he not make his application through the Council? They cry out. "He [Allen]cannot do that" They continued.  And the chorus goes on and on.
Inside their own pool, it is alleged, there are three names - The chairman (Rufus) Huggins Nicholas and Tassa Jean. Yet, up to this date the Council has not seen it fit to interview any of the potential candidates so as to select the best and send the name up to the Central Executive. WHY? Tassa it is alleged has withdrawn her application, Huggins it is alleged was just playing with the Party's head - so this leaves one player in the ring. Why has his name not sent up to the Central Executive? Your guess is as good as mine.
Rufus Bousquet
While the supporter-base of the uwp party in Choiseul seems to be rallying around Bradley, and things are so hazy as to the way forward, Lorne is making considerable strides in all the polling divisions and consolidating his supporters base in no small way.

So what's the hold up? Anybody knows? Surely not this blog. UWP supporters are growing impatient. Central or the local Branch, stop feet-dragging. And what happens if Bradley is selected to run the seat? My take? Rufus and sections of his Executive seems to have the illusion that the people of Choiseul still wants Rufus back. Nothing could be further from the truth than this.  Rufus, if he believes this must be in fantasy world. Rufus must face the reality and call it a day after 25 yrs. Every single polling division this blog has visited, Rufus' popularity has dropped significantly. To put it bluntly, if Rufus runs against Lorne, he is gonna get his ass whooped AGAIN!
With  Bradley,it is alleged that the contest will be more balanced, and Lorne will have to work harder since the Saltibus votes which are traditionally uwpees and who swung because of Rufus's neglect and voted Lorne, MAY have a change of heart. Of course proving everything else stays constant.
It would be interesting to see what  happens if a three-cornered fight - Lorne, Rufus, Bradley were to evolve this coming elections? Jesus, take the wheel!

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