Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunset Bay Resort - A Choiseul Dream Come True!

A St Lucia Times article post earlier today seems to have raised the hope of the many unemployed youth plaguing the community. This is a dream come true for Choiseulians.
This blog reproduces the article in its entirety.

                  Choiseul Community Gets $200m Hotel

Lorne Theophilus
The Choiseul community has been earmarked for a major hotel project costing between one hundred and seventy to two hundred million US dollars, Tourism Minister, Lorne Theophilus has announced.
Theophilus told the Times that the Sab Wisha Beach Park in Choiseul will be the site for the construction of the Sunset Bay Resort.
The resort is expected to be a four and a half to five star boutique-type property.
The Minister, who is also the MP for Choiseul/Saltibus, asserted that the development will significantly transform the lives of the people of the constituency.
He believes it will enable them to become an important part of the tourism landscape of Saint Lucia.
Theophilus disclosed that the sale of the Sab Wisha area was completed about three weeks ago.
He revealed that since the sale, the proprietors have been making various applications such as to the Development Control Authority (DCA), for moving the road.
“They are expecting all things being equal, from start to completion to take between fourteen to sixteen months,” Theophilus told the Times.
The Minister said the proprietors are hoping that within another three and a half weeks to a month they can commence work on the property.
He described the project as a very active one being spearheaded by a dynamic team of investors who are eager to begin construction.

Aerial view of Sunset Bay resort
Theophilus would not be drawn on who the investors are, explaining that the details will be revealed shortly at an official unveiling of the project.
But he did indicate that the investors are a multi-national group.
Theophilis told the Times that the proprietors will be here by weekend to have an unveiling and sod-turning ceremony for the project in the Choiseul community.
He observed that the Choiseul property development will include a craft component enabling craft to be produced and sold at the resort.
“Knowing that Choiseul is the craft Mecca of the Island will give a significant boost to the craft people and the Craft Association,” the Choiseul/Saltibus MP declared.

Another view of Sunset Bay Resort
He also said that there would be major job opportunities during the different phases of construction of the Sunset Bay resort, utilizing the number of skilled workers of  the Choiseul community.
In addition, Theophilus said the project would expand opportunities for tourism linkages including tours, taxis, fisheries and agriculture, with talks having already begun in this regard with the various associations and officials in the community.

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