Friday, February 26, 2016

Have Rayneau Opened The GatewayTo A Slice Of The Tourism Pie For The Forgotten Communities?

Men at work on Debreuil/Myers bridge Project
Yesterday was a remarkable day in three of the Forgotten Communities – Debreuil, Roblot and to some extent La Maze, but to be more specific, Montete. It was a day when it appears that Construction and Industrial Equipment (CIE Ltd), the company contracted to do the repairs on the Debreuil – Myers Bridge Road Project, was back on the project to put the final touches. As the workers diligently went about their task, crowds of residents flocked each area the workers stopped to do the repairs, even to some extent engaging in convos. But what was significantly important was the fact that the project would be completed and that the road surface from Debreuil to Myers Bridge would be vehicle-friendly after over 15 - 20 years - this has excited the residents of The Forgotten Communities.
This route which drives through, Debreuil, Roblot, Montete and the Myers Bridge enclave, is blessed with scenic views of the pitons, great land contours, lush green vegetation, a very industrious people and last but not least the aesthetic creates a nostalgic ambiance which cannot be felt anywhere but in The Forgotten Communities. The tour operators would get their monies worth if they would only conduct a tour through the communities previously mentioned.
Rayneau Gajadhar
This is where this blog thinks that Mr Gajadhar must be thanked for doing this great job to make this road tourist-friendly, so that our people can get a cut of the pie. Reliable sources have informed this blog that Mr Gajadhar’s company did much more than his contract required of him. In simple terms the monies allocated for this project fell far short for what Mr Gajadhar did. But he chose to continue at his expense and give the residents of The Forgotten Communities something to enable them to earn a livelihood – few if any contractor would do such. The residents are aware of the gentleman’s kindness and for this they are deeply grateful.
So what do the Forgotten Communities have to offer the visitors who would take time to travel through? Debreuil is noted for its handicraft, our talented men and ladies possess a skill which is unmatched throughout the country. The residents boast of great souvenirs in the form of straw hats, table mats, bags, just to mention a few. Roblot can boast of similar products but the residents are more into using the cuscus grass whereas in Debreuil they use the screw-pine to a larger extent.
A view of the landscape as seen from Roblot
Throughout the drive in The Forgotten Communities, the scenic view of both Gros and Petit Piton is remarkable – more so at the higher elevations in Roblot. Also in Roblot a Wow! panoramic view of Vieux Fort over to the South makes a spectacular view. The community of La Maze which is off this route is most agricultural in nature. However it has a very rich history which I am sure the residents would love to share.
As for the people, they are unspoilt – very generous, friendly and kind-hearted and above all they take lovingly to strangers. Once in the community one is treated as family. Quite notably, the crime waves have not reached our communities and one is quite safe here – everybody watches everyone’s back.
Our roads are great now, take the tour. This also goes out to the Soufriere and Vieux Fort commuters travelling back and forth – make the Forgotten Communities your pass-through route for a change.

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