Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Was this a Political Move?

Many citizens do things that sometimes leave the public confused. So to are many politicians. When in opposition they wallow in their loss, grieve over the perks and other benefits which they enjoyed while in office and as result do some out of the blue act. Further these politicians really think that they can continue to take the electorate for granted. This must never be allowed to happen again.
Choiseul has suffered immensely under the past reprentatives whose only interest is themselves save Gilbert Mason and JMD.
There were those who were green to the politics and as a result could not manage, there were those who did not care two hoots about the constituency, and there were those that had access to millions to spend in the constituency.
Were these millions justifiably spent? Were these millions disbursed legally? Is Choiseul millions richer? Are Choiseulians better off today than fifteen years ago? It's yours to decide.
You may be wondering but where am. I going with this? Simply put, this blog will not stay silent and let Choiseul be taken for any anymore rides.
Bousquet was in church on Sunday this blog was reliably informed. Why? Was it a form of repentance or seeking forgiveness, or compassion or pity. Or, taken out of the blue, trying to make a come back????
If the latter part of the of the previous paragraph is true, Rufus better think twice because. "WE GOING LOCAL"
Rufus is so blinded that he has failed to realise that Choiseul don't need him anymore. The whole campaign crew in the last election is mad at him (he knows why) and so are many, many person throughout the length and breadth of the constituency - Jimmy Haynes being his worst nightmare.
Could you imagine Rufus, in his usual grand styling, boasting that no UWP candidate can win the Choiseul seat without his help. According to Jouk Bois,"Man u foo!"
It is a well known fact that Rufus' present leanings are on the other side of the divide. Furthermore, the UWP has written him off. It is also being rumoured that he has to do what he is doing because of some special favour he gets from SLP. Not surprised! Check out his regular media statements, and don't dismiss the court case.
So now, he and our Rep are partners. Could Lorne's present troubles in De Party be attributed to this relationship? May be not. But still, can you tell?
Bousquet's move to attend church last Sunday is a calculated one which must be viewed with suspicion. Your humble servant only knows too well that nothing must be put passed that man.
For his own good, Rufus should let go of Choiseul,change his modus operandi and move on. He has done his measured bit, which is regrettably menial compared to what could have been done with millions. Choiseul paid the price. Many will come and go but Choiseul will reign.
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Anonymous said...

Very Interesting article! But Boss Logix have you heard that Bousquet has guaranteed Lorne a big victory in next election. I hope he will be still around. He is trotting up and down Choiseul trying to win the hearts of Choiseulians (even giving the church chairs) Why the church? It is clear he working to destroying the sould of the UWP in exchange for favours from Lorne. They say, he doesnt like Mr Fontenard who will be the new UWP candidate. Why is Lorne so very stupid, as to allows Tucker to bluff him?

Sources inside the Flambeau say that Bousquet is embarassed with millions of unspent Taiweanese money and he does not know what to do. Richard is shadowing him and he does not even know. Is there any truth that Bousquet has also promised to pass the Taiwanese millions he holds to Lorne for a price? Politicians are mysterious people, especially when they are corrupt.

Choiseul/saltibus, the politicians are taking you for a ride. Watch your bread.

Is it true that a Minister in Kenny's Gov't got himself embroiled in Richard's custom fraud during kenny and pip's brief absence from state.

Kenny investigate!