Saturday, July 07, 2012

Dugard Combined Tops District

Well, well, well, Dugard Combined School  has topped the Constituency in this year's Common Entrance Exams. This is the third consecutive year that this school has topped the results - a legacy of. Retired principal Clara Edwards. To add to this result, Dugard Combined School has ranked third on the island with an average of 71.17%. Bravo Dugard Combined and all hats off to Veronica Stanislas, the grade 6 teacher, for a job well done. "Choiseul on the Move" salutes you.The top student whose name the principal refused to give this blog has an average of 89%. Commenting on the reasons for Dugard's continuous high performance, the District Education Officer noted briefly, ".The school has more or less enjoyed a stable staff."
Piaye Combined, according to .Ms Mc Donald, the principal, ranked 9th on the island, one notch lower than last year's results. Her top student,Jaydn Theodore scored 84%.
Reunion Primary's top student, according to the principal, scored 76.67%. The student is Britney Calixte.
   Roblot Combined's Shania William was all smiles today when she found out that she had topped her school mark with 82.33%. Accompanied by her mom, who was also glowing with joy,Shania expressed great joy over her feat. She will be attending the Choiseul Secondary.
The top passes from the other schools could not be obtained as the principals had not had access to the results when they were contacted.
However, information coming from the Education Sub-office gave the averages of each school. Only two schools in the constituency achieved and passed the National mean of 59.04%: Dugard and Piaye only..
Ranking the schools in the constituency according to the Ministry's average scores, paint this picture. 1st Dugard Combined - 71.17%, 2nd Piaye Combined - 64.23%, 3rd Rivere Doree Combined - 57.31%, 4th Delcer Primary - 56.91%, 5th Reunion Primary - 56.54%, 6th, Roblot Combined - 56.44%, 7th Mongouge Combined - 55.39% and 8th Saltibus Combined - 53.88%.
This blog will report on the names of the other top students when they become available.
As to the reason (s) why our schools fail to reach the National Mean is for another show.
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