Friday, May 27, 2011

Was the Labour Government Duped, Or?

Three members of the House of Assembly,during the last budget debate accused the last administration of giving the monopoly of our terrestial waters for the exploration of oil and natural gas to a company under the name of Rms Productions Corporation. The contract was signed between the last administration and the Ceo of the company Mr.Jack Grienberg.
The signing of this apparently honourous package took place between 1998 and 2000.It is also alleged that certain documents relating to this agreement implicated a certain minister of impending royalties once the project started making gains. But hear this! The ex Deputy Pm of Grenada says that this Ceo of the company is a Fraudster. Frederick calls him a speculator.

The ex deputy Pm of Grenada, Mr.Gregory Bowen gave a revealing and mind-opener of the fraudulent activities of this Ceo.I In 1996 Grenada was in this similar position that St.Lucia is in right now. However they were able to break free of the claws of this crooked company,but at a heavy cost to his country of about $10M.
The question is therefore,why did St.Lucia go into this deal when they may have very well know of this company's record with Grenada? Why should a government give a MONOPOLY to a company over our waters? Yes all the water that is around St.Lucia. Say boug sar la fou?

Tar ler!(wait a while).The Grenada experience is so heart wrenching that it leaves one with a drooping gaping mouth. According to Mr. Bowen, who had to represent Grenada in all this mess,says that exactly fourteen days after they had signed the contract with this company,they came back with the idea that Grenada's water boundaries with their neighbours are not clearly defined and so the contract was in a way stalled or something to this effect. The scenario continues;during this stalemate, he Grienberg was trying to sell this exploration rights to other oil/gas exploration companies. When Bowen blocked him, and decided to get out of this contract the Ceo threatens to take grenada to court and tell the Grenada public of the acceptane of a bribe by a certain minister,since it was election time.Grenada won all the cases and are now FREE of this foolishness. Highway robbery. And this is the man our previous government has given exploration monopoly rights over our waters. What madness!

You see the point here is that this crooked man wants to dominate our waters with no intentions of doing any exploration,then sell these rights to other oil and gas companies for a very high price. Extortion galore!
Royalties my toe. Espoire mal papai!

There is a school of thought that thinks that Richard,Rufus and Guy are after Kenny.Ahwar. The point is he Kenny was the Pm and it is under his watch that such a contract deal went down. Kenny and his boys should have taken cognizance of what Grenada went through. Caribbean Unity went out of the window?
This administration is presently trying with the help of Mr. Bowen to get our waters out of the clutches of this great unscrupulous fraudster.
God help us.

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