Friday, May 06, 2011

Are the Choiseul Labour Campaign Crew and Supporters Rufusophobic?

From the time Brian Charles entered the political fray, when I then got deeply involved in politics, I have never been so amazed by the tactics of the opposite side. Both sides did their thing and no one was actually showing any form of animosity towards supporters of either side. We were in the past days sitting in shops and argue each other over drinks, and, not at any time touch each other's personal life inspite of not being too sober sometimes. Where is this comradry? Not anymore. Selfish political intentions have driven it out of the window. God forbid.
These days if a supporter of either side (more so with Labour supporters, because I know so) were to get into some form of argument or more so disagree on some issue, right away a person's personal business would be on the line. And mind you it is also being done by those who should know better. (also by some known comment writers to this blog. Yes this blog) Why is this so? I know, and will touch on it here and more deeply in future posts.
This attitude trancends from the time the the political environment in the constituency was in a three cornered fight...Uwp, Slp, and Plp. It was a dog eat dog scenario especially from the Plp camp. The mentality that was being portryed was, ' you not voting for me, you en my friend.'
This mind bending philosophy became entrenched in our people's mind ,more evident than ever during the 1997 campaign. Hence the reasons for all this
'negre maroon' attitude so vividly displayed all over the constituency today while the instigators of this crippling disease sit back and silenly regard these people as 'wood for the fire' to flame their crooked and egoistic political ambitions.
Yes, the so called intellects in Choiseul have imported it from Kenny, Pierre and the radical factions of the SLPl and our people have bought it wholesale.
Fergy's cronies we particularly, guilty of such practices and I am seeing it creeping into this campaign worst than ever. Fergy is the worst MP Choiseul has ever seen and I dare say will ever see. You figure out why. He continue to be involved in every kind disruptive behaviour. Remember his incident with @bousquet at a funeral in the Village? Mista en changing. And mind you ,he is still associated with Lorne's campaign. What madness!
Why is Bousquet's personal life the centre of campaign now, why are petty little issues about the man posted on a blog, why is there an all out campaign to destroy the man's character, why is he being branded as having all types of sicknesses, why are some supporters being paid to stand on platforms and spew dogshit to their own supporters, why is Bousquet so feared? Questions, Questions, Questions. And there are many more.
But I know, and you know that I know, you know why all this hogshit posts and propaganda aims to do and wants to achieve..... Divide Choiseul, bigtime and create an environment almost like a mini civil revolution. The communist thing again.
Choiseulians are not very educated, but for sure have a lot of common sense, so says Maurus.
You know them, the hacks on the other side even attack me personally, as if they are getting some satisfaction doing this. I have maintained my kool, never to be distracted and never once hit back....guess dem fellas are scared of Dedan big time. I'm only getting started, don't push your luck.
Finally, are the Labour crew and supporters RUFUSOPHOBIC? Fulltime !!!!!!!!!!!
You guys will pay dearly for your lies, deceit and the conning of the innocent youths in this constituency.
I oncehad a chat with Lorne and he told me, 'I believe in Karma.' As if he thinks I am so daft as not to know where he is coming from. But hear this, he started the war. if there is ever to be one, when in his inauguration speech at the Old Boys' School he said, 'I have never stolen a car.' Parwol jaytae? In his own words , Karma. Is he also Rufusophobic? Yours to answer.
Filmed at 11.


Anonymous said...

I am on the opposite side Dedan, but i must commend you. This is the best article you have ever written on this blog. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a piece? You are getting warmed up for real.
I used to follow the other blog but have stop. These guys are too personl with their articles.
It's such a shame.
Can't the Rep take libel action against this blog? These fellas are so crude.
Keep up the works Dedan. You should post this Rufusophobic thing as a poll.
A friend of mine told me that some of her friend have been asked to vote in a particular way on polls posted on your blog.

Dedan said...

Thanks for your comments. Some of my best friends are on the opposite side. Still we discuss issues amicably.
Like I have always said this blog does nothing else but promotes Bousquet's work.
We all need to bring up the standard in thiis campaign.

Anonymous said...

Dedan, Why are you defending a criminal? a Duvalier who steals money from the state to campaign. That's the worst ever. he will eventually need Lorne to arrange for his bail; but trust me, he is going back to jail. I challenge you to publish your blog Stats.

Dedan, have you become Rufus' Ali Baba. The people in your area say you too tiefing them. You will need Lorne, too!

Gilo, Why are you and Rufus calling Choiseul people ignorant?

Have you seen your semi-naked photo on the internet?

Finally, why are writing all the comments by yourself? You dishonest.