Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Did God Put A Hand?

it was 5:43pm when my cell rang, 'Dada, Mamam and Feria go down the valley in Pon Bamboo, and we cannot even see the car. Come down.' Maintaining a kool head replied, 'Ok.'
In a matter of minutes I was in Pon Bamboo. To my surprise there was no one there.....the accident was just above the shop at the Three-cross Road.
Looking down the track which the car made on its way down the precipice, it would be hard to imagine that there were any survivors.The vehicle went down one hundred plus metres, somersaulting, until it came to a crashing halt on its hood at the river bed. There were three ladies inside the car during this tumulutous journey down this precipice. What was going on in their heads? Them alone can tell.
How the car got to take this path is still beyond me. But it is worth finding out why the car went completely on the other side of the road to plunge itself into this predicament?
After the car came to a crashing halt there was complete silence. One of the ladies who was more oriented, got out and helped the other two ladies who were trapped the overturned vehicle to get out.
By then ambulances from Soufriere and Vieux Fort were already summoned. The paramedics had to find an alternative route to reach the victims.
The paramedics had to get to the victims through the Devil's Bridge route which is some three hundred metres from where the car took its strange route.
By then, the La Fargue-Rivere Doree road was jammed with parked vehicles and onlookers anxiously awaiting the fate of the three ladies.
It must have taken the paramedics about forty-five minutes to get the victims from the crash scene to the ambulances.
The most injured victim of this accident sustained a broken left wrist,concussion to the head,severe shoulder and chest pains and pain to the lower extremities, whereas
the other two persons suffered minor injuries.
They were all treated and discharged the same day from St. Jude's Hospital
A plunge of over one hundred metres, a car rolling and tumbling down a gradient of about seventy-five degrees, eventually falling over a cliff about fifteen metres deep, and then the car landing on its hood - that's all that happened to the ladies?
God must have really played a hand!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes God def put a hand or more & saved their lives. I cant imagin the tragedy it would have been for the commuinity & the families & loved ones. They lived to tell about Gods glory & miracles. He is still in CHARGE. Wishing them all the best.