Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is the Roblot/Debreuil Road Blighted?

For the second time this week another car has ran off the Roblot/Debreuil road. The accident occcured near the Debreuil Post Office. It is allegged that the driver lost control of the vehicle when he tried to avoid a pothole on the road.
A small tree prevented the car from going further down the gorge, which the onlookers at the accident scene say is deeper than the one of the previous accident. The driver was the lone occupant in the car, and escaped with not even a scratch.
In the last accident three ladies plunged down a deep gorge landing on a river bed.
The question is is the stretch of road blighted, or are persons from this community blessed. May be the next driver may not be so lucky.
Please drive carefully.

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