Sunday, May 01, 2011

Choiseul's Infrasructural Developments

During Bousquet's 2006 elections campaign he vowed to the Choiseul people that if he won the elections he will make the district an envy of St. Lucia.
In order to acheive this milestone certain infrastructure must be in place as well as raising the standard of living of the people.
This post will reveal to its readers the amount of work this Rep has done,laying the foundation towards making Choiseul/Saltibus the place we all will be proud of.
It would be of little significance if the road networks are improved, yet families have to wade in mud to get to and from their homes. Therefore footpaths,bridges and driveways had to be part of th plan.
There can be little doubt that the rehabilitation of the roads in Coco,Morne Jacques/Dugard, Boisden, La Maze and Franciou has improved the lives of these immensely.
The construction of driveways in Morne Sion, Raveneau,Roblot and Le Riche has had its impact as well.
Footpaths and bridges at La pointe, Industry, Jetrine, Piaye Derriere Morne, Debreuil and Saltibus have been welcomed.
One must not be naive to think that proper drainage in not important. We should all be very thankful, for had it not been for the titanic amount of drainage works done throughout the length and breadth of the constituency, the damage by Tomas would be far more extensive.
Over one hundred and fifty street lamps have been installed throughout the constituency and more are to be installed in the coming months as more requests pour in from the constituents. The Sauzay bridge area is one down to be tackled. However Lucelec has concerns.
Bus shelters have been built in Delcer,Saltibus, Dacretin and La Fargue. The Bellevue,La Pointe,Le Riche, La Maze and Piaye have been rennovated. Rivere Doree, Victoria and Balca to get shelters this year. The land for the shelter at the Raveneau junction is still in dispute.

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