Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Labour's Campaign Strategy is Sickening

Now that the Budget Debate is over, one can expect to see an increase in polical activity in the constituencies, as the incumbent wants to hold on to their seat, whereas on the other hand the opposition are determined to unseat the former. Elections are constitutionaly due no later then March 2012.
In the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency Lorne's crew have been hard at it. They have been doing their house-to-house work as well as their visits to enclaves. The Webmaster, who runs a blog has also turned his blog into a propaganda machine ...... The thing communists/socialist do.
What is depictable by all measures, is the low level the Webmaster has brought journalism to in an effort to win votes. It is beyond my understanding to comprehend why such persons should go to such an extent to hurt individuals. Guess it is in the Webmaster's nature.
Elections campaigning should not be based on vendettas but rather on issues and a genuine need to help persons and improve their lives. Campaigning should not be based on 'mal parley' and 'maypwee' and lies. This is gutter politics. Lorne's campaign crew relies on this strategy (which is doing them much harm now) because they have no respect for the people's intellectual capacity. It's such a pity when we think we are bright and not shining.
On the other hand the incumbent's camp are also at work. They have not been involved in any form of propaganda and so forth. The Rep continues to carry on with his vision for Choiseul as usual.
This will be the litmus test that Labour will fail. Bousquet is being paid to deliver and he has delivered;
and all Lorne can say to the people is, 'If you elect me I will......' Espoire mal papia.
But the encumbent is sending a strong message to Lorne's campaign crew, go down the nasty road and they will get their work cut out for them. Rufus made that clear during the Debate.
It brings to mind. Is Lorne a saint? Is Rufus without fault? Lorne have had to deal with his previously alleged issues and so has Rufus. Two evils? Food for thought.
By the way, was Frogy displaying his usual 'sanmess' in Saltibus yesterday? Is this proof of labour's 'farebless.' Labour, losing steam.

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Anonymous said...

I must admit that members of your camp are also engaged in a trail of maypwee and malpalay. Don't run away from it. Why don't both candidates be real men and tell the electorate exactly how they transform our small community into one which is more viable, boosting with economic growth and employment. This is what we want to hear. Leave the personal lives away from it. We all have skeletons in our closets. Wake up!