Monday, February 01, 2010

Where is Choiseul on the Haiti Issue?

   On January 12, 2010 at approximately 4:53 pm an eathquake with a magnituge of 7.0 on the Richter Scale struck the impoverished nation of Haiti. It is estimated that about 200,000 persons  may have perished.  More who have survived the quake are suffering. From this moment on, aid has been pouring in at an alarming rate to this sister country.
   Relief efforts are ongoing  by almost every nation around the globe and the people of Haiti really, really need it. Our Government has made a donation of $500,000.00 to the Haiti Relief fund, and a number of individual groups  around the island are organising to get supplies to send to Haiti.
   Where as I applaud such acts of humanity, I would rather see it being done on a district level, for example what are the constituencies of Choiseul/Saltibus, Laborie or for that matter any other district contributing towards our brothers and sisters in Haiti. But wait! Do Choiseulians really care about the plight of the Haitians? Hmmm! I have my doubts, because I have not heard of any organised effort to help this striken nation. But wait, the Catholic church in the district has raised $4092.00 towards the effort.  BRAVO!
  There seem to be scant regard for these poor people among our  own people. Have you ever heard in the watering holes or any other place, the Haiti earthquake being discussed, and what should Choiseulians do to help? Ahwah, par e se a! But you will hear them talking about the C and W dance tonight at Country Lime or Tete Morne or where the next bram is.  
    Where are the Mothers' and Fathers' groups? Where are the churches, whose mission seem to only increase their membership? Where are the Choiseul  and Saltibus Credit Co-operative Credit Unions? Where is the Fishermen's Co-operative? Where is the local branch of the Teachers' Union? Where is the Choiseul Mini Bus Association? Where is the Village Council? Where are the Gas Stations? Where is the Bellevue Farmers' Co-operative? Where is the Choiseul Youth and Sports Council? What are the schools doing to have our kids show concern to the suffering in Haiti by giving $1.00 towards the fund? And last but not least where is DotCom?
   Can't all of these groups or institutions do something for Haiti? Can't they come together and organise a FAIR or CONCERT or OPEN AIR  SESSION on the field or even a BEACH BASH? Think it will take place? Don't count on it. Political partisanship is killing them as well as their hyposcrisy, naievity and their myopic sense of  true comradry in times of help. Choiseulians need to step up to the plate and show that they are not an uncaring district but rather persons that have a deep love and appreciation for all in need.
  Will Choiseul go down in history as a district that showed no remorse for the suffering that is happening in Haiti? I think not.
  A group or an institution needs to lead the way to organise the groups and institutions  and by extension Choiseulians and  Saltibusians to give generously towards Haiti.   I think they can and they will. Keep your fingers crossed.

                                                                  CHOISEUL, HELP HAITI, PLEASE!!!!!!

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