Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bousquet gives a helping hand

Victims of the February 7, 2010 fire in Roblot were the recipients of a cheque presented by Michael Nixon on behalf of the District Representative Rufus Bousquet on Wednesday February 17, 2010.
Mr. Nixon in his short remarks told the small gathering that this cheque, though not huge in amount will help as a catalyst to get things started. He also made mention that Bousquet have made a number of contacts to get aid to the fire victims in the shortest possible time.
Receiving the cheque on behalf of the fire victims was Aaron Francois the son of the owner of the destroyed house. Aaron thanked the Rep. for his quick response to their cause and promise to put this money towards the reconstruction of their new home.
The fire  destroyed their home and all their belongings.

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