Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spitting in your eye and calling it rain

   One would not imagine that at a conference of delegates  Dr. Anthony would accuse the United Workers party of fraud at the last General Elections held since 2006. He told his audience that voters from other constituenccies were taken to vote in constituencies which they did not belong and that's why UWP won. A low blow.
  The  reappointed leader of the opposition must have been suffering from amnesia not to remember that is was his administration that was in power during the last election and for him to let this happen under his watch. However what is also very amusing is that it took the Dr. three years to let the St.Lucian public know that.
   Lately some of the SLP staunch supporters in Choiseul have been echoing what Kenny said, but giving it a Choiseul slant. When will these people learn to accept defeat? Are they not aware that our side, when we scrutinised the voters list  of 2006 we realised that over two hundred (200) of our new voters were deliberately registered in wrong polling stations? Persons from Delcer were registered in Saltibus, Roblot in Mongouge, Dugard in Jetrine and the list goes on and on. Is this not a form of fraud with the intention to frustrate our voters? " Par e se ah," come again. That is what we suspected but a well oiled election day machinery did not give them a chance. We burst their skin, and we will do it again, come next election. Case closed.
  Rufus in his reply to Kenny's accusations, ask him " You want to know if I won by fraud, you are from Choiseul, come run againt me to find out." Well Kenny will not take that gamble.  However those thinking of running against Bousquet have their work cut out for them.

In the last poll we asked you "Do you think Councilors should be allowed more than one term?" Your vote:
Yes - 20%
                                                       No - 40%
                                                       I don't know - 20%
                                                       I don't care - 20%

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