Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rivere Doree School Sports - A Successs

  In spite of the the Choiseul Secondary School Sports which was held on the same date as date as the Rivere Doree School Sports, but at different venues in the district, the latter held its own. The parents came out in full to lend support to their child's House and by extension, the school.
   The conditions for the meet was not up to date as the markings of the lanes were begining to fade and added to this is the dusty conditions of the area. However this did not in anyway dampen the atheletes enthusiam, and of course encouraged by the parents, to compete.
   Last year's winner, Skeete's House did not live up to expectation this year as Anthony's House took the honours this year, with Mortley's House filling in the second spot.
It was quite a site  to see on the sidelines as the parents from each house section urged their House competitor on.  Two notable parents were Nysbert  and Monica of Skeete's House.
Eve Aimable, the coordinator of this meet seems to have had her hands filled as one would realise she even took the job of MC. Gail Charles kept tally of the scores.
Final scores for the meet are as follows:
Anthony  -    584 pts.
Mortley   -    432 pts.
Skeete     -    415 pts.

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