Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eagle Wins Roblot School Sports

The Eagle House of the Roblot Combined School won this year's Sports Meet which was held at the Centre of Excellence grounds on Wednesday February 24, 2010. The school, seriously depleted of students only had two Houses from the previous four last year. The other House is Falcon.
Normally these sports meets are held at the La Fargue Playing Field, but this year all PRIMARY schools  were asked to use the grounds at Reunion, while Choiseul Secondary has access to the La Fargue Playing field on Friday this week for their sports meet. Question, who authorised this discremination? What's the rationale behind this move?
 Back to Roblot School Sports.
Parents and supporters of the school took time off their busy schedule to lend support to their children and school. The two Houses took shelter from the blazing sun under  the various trees that are strategically placed around the grounds. Two tents, one housing the officials and the other for the atheletes to register before the start of a race were the other forms of shelter.
The meet was well co-ordinated by the officials as all events took little time to get off the ground. A team of past students of the school acted as ground officials, while Eve Aimable of the Rivere Doree School and Kelli De Priest, a Peace Corps Volunter, attached to  District 7, took care of the statistical end of the Meet. Feria Charles, Curriculum Officer for sports in the Ministry of Education dished out information to the atheletes and ground officials over the Pa system.
Events were in the categories of 85m, 150m, 400m and relays. In age range the atheletes were grouped as under 9, under 11 and under 13.
Inspite of the harsh conditions, the students performed to the best of their ability, sometimes with a little humor as during one event an athelete seems to have been disoriented as he completely lost his way on the track.
Eagles dominated the track in the higher aged events. Final scores: Eagles 404 pts. Falcons 327 pts. For the marathon held last week, Eagles 107 pts. Falcons 21 pts.
The parents/teachers race seem to have taken center stage as shouts and screams were heard all around the grounds. Check the video for that race tomorrow.

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