Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roblot Combined School holds Marathon

On Tuesday February 16, 2010 residents of Debreuil, Roblot and La Maze lined the road to cheer the atheletes of the Roblot Combined School as they took part in the approximately 10k road maraton. This is an annual event to mark the official opening of the atheletics season of the school.
   Leading the pack on the up route was Greg Descartes who kept a distance of about 30m between him and his brother Lester Descartes. The pace apperently was too hot for the other runners as they were some 10 - 15 minutes behind.    There were various water stops along the route and the principal's vehicle provide the support to those that could not handle the pressure. The Choiseul police took the lead to provide security to the runners from oncoming vehicles.     On the down route Lester held a one meter distance lead from his brother and kept this lead to emerge winner. Third place went to Jacob Francis. All three runners belong to Eagles House.     The first girl to complete the race is Rebecca Alcee also of Eagles . The school holds its atheltics meet on February 24, 2010.

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